How to take 1 hour gym workout from Busy schedule ?

Its been nearly 1 month I moved to New Jersey from New York due to official work. I want to make myself busy and started to think of doing new thinks with this new place. After of couple of weeks the office start , I came to know that there is a free GYM facilities for the staff which is ABSOLUTELY FREE. So why shouldn’t I utilize this. So I thought of going to GYM to kill the time and this will have huge impact on my health too.Pedaling in 1 hour GYM WORKOUT

Its been two days since I started to go for GYM.This is my first GYM experience entire life. That’s why I want to memorize this.
One quote “Health is wealth” is always tumbling around my mind.Though We all are busy in our own busy life we must have to take care of our health.It is very important to join gym for our health.Though we are bg in whole day but we have to take 1 hours for the Fitness. I usually go to gym in evening.I spend nearly 1 hour in doing exercises.The first day was basic exercise but I learned a lot and I had well introduction to most of the equipment.Running Gym Equiment - New Jersey

I did pedaling  for 10 mins and covered 0.45 miles with average speed of 2.25.Then I did running for about 20:17 mins resulting 1.45 miles.The last exercise was bicycle for approximately 5 mins resulting distance of 0.80 miles .

I felt happy from today’s achievement and hope I will continue everyday.
Happy Blogging ! Happy Life and Stay Healthy !!!

How to count gameobjects by Tag in unity3D with C# ?

I was simulating the Monte Carlo Method for my assignment on course Game Based Simulation using Unity 3D.  I want to count the instantiated game objects. Though there are other methods like OnTriggerEnter(Collider other). But this method did not worked pretty well. The next method I want to try is to count the game object by their tag name. The process of implementing the code is like below.

First define game object class in public are like this


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.IO;
public class countfox : MonoBehaviour {
public int count_fox;
//public int count_rabbit;
public int count_rabbitNEW;
StreamWriter sw;
GameObject [] rabbit;
GameObject [] fox;

void Start(){
sw = new StreamWriter(“count_fox.txt”);

void Update(){

rabbit = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(“rabbit”);
count_rabbitNEW = rabbit.Length;
sw.WriteLine(” ” + count_fox+” “+ count_rabbitNEW+” “+System.DateTime.Now, true);

fox = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag(“fox”);
count_fox= fox.Length;
if (count_fox == 0) {
Debug.Break ();

// Application.Quit ();